Work experience and internships

Work experience and internships are beneficial for both the employer and students. While students get valuable experience, mentoring and a boost to their CV, employers benefit from improved reputation, the fresh outlook that students bring to an organization, as well as access to a future talent pool of recruits.

“Many employers will only provide work experience placements supported by Spark! as they know the support our team provide in helping ensure a safe, high quality experience for students.”

Ruby Mir, Director, Spark!

We realize that for many businesses it is a big step hosting a young person on work experience for the first time. Therefore, we developed an ‘Employer Guide to Work Placements’ covering the key issues involved in taking a young person on work experience.  This is provided to all of our partner businesses.

As part of the engagement, you will be able to:

  • Access additional resources to support you through providing high quality work experience.  At Spark! our priority is to ensure safe, high quality for all young people on placement with host employers.  Read more…
  • Review the information Spark! holds on Salesforce for Work Placements about your company and the placements you are offering.
  • Plan activities for the students you are hosting, as well as assess their performance, potentially using the StudentStudio website.

Spark! are now beta testing a scaled up National Work Experience Service.  To find out what this could mean for employers, please visit