Getting started

As a parent or a student you will find there are a range of ways that young people can access our services:

  • Career information, advice and guidance – All schools have a duty to provide young people with access to independent and impartial  careers information, advice and guidance.  If you want additional support beyond what is available in school then please contact Spark! and we can organise one to one careers advice sessions with our adv isor.
  • Work experience & internships – Typically this will be commissioned by your son or daughter’s school, but parents can also commission us directly to organise a work experience placement.
  • Enterprise and employability skills – Our KICKSTART and other programmes from KS1 to KS5 are commissioned directly by schools. If we are not presently working in your school then please feel free to introduce us to the school’s headteacher and careers lead.  We would be happy to come in and tell them more about how we may be able to assist.

Many young people at Hounslow schools are getting directly involved in our Young Filmmakers Competition. Get in touch if you would like to be a part.