Become a partner

Spark! works with over 700 businesses in London Borough of Hounslow and West London.  Working together we form strong, supportive and successful relationships between businesses and schools.

Spark! will work with you to open up exciting opportunities that inspire and enlighten young people opening their minds to the possibilities the business world presents.

Each event in a school requires an average of 20 volunteers, and we would welcome your help!

If you would like to create bespoke events about your business, please talk to us about becoming a corporate partner. There are different levels of support, from £1,000 to £10,000.

Our highly knowledgeable team combine their skills and experience with your industry expertise to create challenging and interactive activities to inspire young people and excite them about their possible future working lives.   

‘I have been a partner with Spark for a while and had quite a number of students doing work experience with London School of Diving. Very often, I would give them a marketing project to run on their own, which gave an immediate responsibility and valuable experience to students. At the same time, what I found to be extremely beneficial for my business is the increased awareness and participation from ‘16-20’ segment who form a significant part of our target audience. I am happy with this win-win scenario which I am getting from working with Spark!.’

Nick Mobley, owner of the London School of Diving

Business benefits of our partnership programme and working with schools through Spark! include:

  • Motivate your staff – improve skills in coaching and management
  • Increase awareness of careers in your industry
  • Improve your company reputation
  • Showcase best practice
  • Share employability skills with young people
  • Increase customer preference for your brand
  • Develop greater understanding of the local community and marketplace
  • Secure high impact staff skills development
  • Participate in collaboration and networking opportunities
  • Reduce costs and deliver efficiently through specialist school engagement
  • Support your Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability programme
  • Target your future workforce – open young people’s eyes to the opportunities on their doorstep
  • Achieve great PR (using our links to the local press and community)

Some business leaders also get involved in Spark! decision-making through on our Advisory and Main boards.  All business partners are invited to attend our  Summer Celebration and annual Partnership Awards.

For enquiries about becoming a Spark! business partner e-mail: