Safe, high quality work experience – guide for employers

Business leaders across the country recommend that all employers arrange work experience placements with a quality assured Education Business Partnership, such as Spark!  Working with an experienced broker means that expert help and advice is just a phone call away; and that you do not have to schedule multiple placement quality checks each year – just one!

We work with partner employers that are about to host a young person on work experience in the following areas:

  1. Planning an induction and projects or tasks that are suitable for your business and the young person you will host on placement.  E-mail Spark! for a copy of our Employers’ Guide To Work Experience.
  2. Supporting your assessment and management of the risks presented by the work environment(s) to the young person – and ensure that these are communicated to the young person, their parents and school/college. Guidance is available from the HSE and The Right Start.
  3. Providing additional help and advice if needed – If you do not have the resources in-house, then ensure that the young person’s school or college is working with Spark! or your local Education Business Partnership to support you through this process of assessing risks and planning the placement. Spark! uses this Aide Memoire from the HSE.

Internships – If you are looking to host a young person that has completed school or University on an extended placement/ internship then please read the Government guidance on employment arrangements.

E-mail if you would like to access additional, password protected employer resources.