Two weeks on The Junior Apprentice

Zainab Vayani who participated in Junior Apprentice – Kickstart in August 2015 writes about her experience:

On Monday, it was the opening day at London Borough of Hounslow Civic Centre.  This was quite new for me as I don’t usually sit in meeting rooms. The ‘double your money’ challenge was new and exciting, however my team did not win.

We visited GSK on Tuesday and had a lovely tour giving us an insight into their luxurious working place. Also, we went to the care home meeting elderly people with dementia.  This let us understand the daily lives of the elderly.

On Wednesday, we went to Sky Academy for the day’s challenge.  We were allowed to go to another building where we saw how live TV is monitored. Sky also provided us with lovely free lunch!

On Thursday, we were back at GSK and were given a ‘reservoir to tap’ challenge by Thames Water which was exciting! We also came up with ideas on what to sell on market stalls on Saturday.

On Friday, we were at Heathrow Academy where we could see behind the scenes at the airport.  We saw a vast number of screens in the airport control centre!  Our challenge was to consider how to improve the airport passenger experience.

We were back at Heathrow on Monday where we presented our ideas to the ‘Dragons’. I was the only person in my group that was here on Friday, so 3 new people joined me and quickly became part of the team.

On Tuesday, we were back at Sky Academy working in groups which let us understand how to work in an environment somewhat similar to the office environment.  The challenge was focused on developing an app for The Rough Guide to Hounslow.

On Wednesday, we were travelling to sport areas in the morning (in preparation for Friday/ Saturday’s cultural festival challenge) which let us stay outside for a while. In the second half of the day, we went to M & G investments where we gave a presentation to ‘Dragons’ on our Rough Guide to Hounslow apps and they gave us feedback.

On Thursday, we were solving clues and travelling to iconic places on ‘the London trail’ which was exciting! Along with that, we also had to sell doughnuts!

On Friday, we made our posters at Octink in preparation for Saturday’s cultural festival which was fun.  In the afternoon we tried to buy 1.5kg of Indian sweets for the cheapest price. We got it for around £11 and our group won!

Overall, the experience was lovely and I do feel sad that it has come to an end. I hope that we all meet up again since the experience let me connect with new people and I do recommend it!

Editors notes: Zainab couldn’t attend on Saturdays due to other commitments, but other students on the programme participated in a Market Stall challenge on the first Saturday and a Cultural Festival on the second Saturday, where they came together with programme participants from across London.  The Junior Apprentice – Kickstart programme is delivered in London Borough of Hounslow as a partnership between Spark! and The Hebe Foundation.

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