Forthcoming volunteering opportunities

Throughout 2016/17 we have a range of inspiring opportunities for young people to gain invaluable life skills, develop their confidence and understand the world of work.  These events not only make a huge difference to young people, but our volunteers always tell us about the satisfaction and enjoyment they get from working with young people. So, if you are interested in participating in one of our events, please contact us today!

Careers Days are the one of the best ways for students to explore future opportunities.
Workshops (AM) – Delivering a mini workshop (about 40 minutes long) about your company/industry, to a group of 15-20 young people. A talk on career opportunities followed by a short practical activity would be ideal.
Speed Networking (PM) is a high energy way of introducing young people to a range of people in a short amount of time. Young people will ask you questions about your career.

These fairs introduce students to a variety of higher education and apprenticeship opportunities. Students will benefit from talking to professionals directly and learning more about your industry and routes into higher education pathways.
Can your company invite a small group of students (10-15) for the day to your organisation (usually between about 10am – 2.30pm) to show them how you operate and to find out about some of the different job roles? This is a great way to open your doors to the local community and inspire the future workforce.

This activity gives students the opportunity to find out what the expectations of employers are in an interview scenario. Volunteers will spend time interviewing young people with a set of questions and provide feedback to enable students to improve their interview skills.

For more information please contact or on 02080473352